Our Approach

At Ocelot Bio, our approach in the treatment of liver disease is focused on improving outcomes for patients with portal hypertension, such as hepatorenal syndrome with acute kidney injury (HRS-AKI), a serious and life-threatening consequence of end-stage liver disease (ESLD).

Aiming to achieve a delicate balance to improve ESLD patient outcomes 

ESLD-induced portal hypertension can lead to substantial vasodilation resulting in plasma leakage throughout the abdomen and a significant drop in arterial pressure. This acute drop in arterial pressure triggers a large renal vasoconstriction response which, if left untreated, rapidly leads to renal failure. If renal failure occurs, patients often need both a liver and kidney transplant – and their probability of survival until transplant is significantly reduced.

Ocelot Bio is focused on capitalizing on the unique characteristics and strong mechanistic rationale for OCE-205 as the foundation of a long-term development plan that includes expansion into the earlier courses of ESLD.