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Ocelot Bio is dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with end-stage liver disease through innovative therapeutics that offer hope for a healthier future.

Ocelot Bio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative therapeutics designed to significantly improve outcomes for patients with liver disease. The company’s lead clinical candidate, OCE-205, is a therapeutic peptide with a mechanism of action designed to selectively address portal hypertension induced complications of end-stage liver disease (ESLD). These complications include hepatorenal syndrome with acute kidney injury (HRS-AKI) and ascites, both of which may lead to serious and life-threatening outcomes.

Our Story
Why Ocelot


Our passion for improving the lives of people with severe complications of liver disease is the foundation of our company – even our name.

The ocelot is a small wild cat with keen vision and ability to move nimbly and fast. Like the ocelot, we are using our unique abilities to move with purpose and urgency to bring forward novel medical innovations for people with liver disease.


Patients can’t wait and neither will we

Our Science


At Ocelot Bio, we're answering the call of patients faced with the serious, life-threatening consequences of ESLD for whom medical innovation is greatly needed.


Our lead clinical candidate, OCE-205, has a unique mechanism of action that selectively addresses complications of ESLD-induced portal hypertension and is in Phase 2 clinical development in HRS-AKI.

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