About Us

At Ocelot Bio, we are harnessing proven expertise in the development of therapeutic peptides to bring forward novel medical innovations that improve outcomes for people with end-stage liver disease (ESLD).

Putting better patient outcomes within reach

In this critical journey, we are inspired by the patients for whom current therapies fall short and motivated by the promise of our breakthrough scientific discoveries. Our team is driven by the promise of delivering novel medicines that will alter the course of ESLD treatment and make a difference in the lives of patients.

Filling the unmet need for therapeutic innovation

Patients with ESLD face serious, life-threatening consequences due to complications of portal hypertension, including hepatorenal syndrome with acute kidney injury (HRS-AKI). Ocelot Bio is dedicated to filling the decades-long void for novel medical interventions for HRS-AKI that will finally put better outcomes for patients within reach.

OCE-205: The potential to transform treatment for HRS-AKI

Our lead asset, OCE-205, is a therapeutic peptide with a mechanism of action designed to selectively target complications of ESLD-induced portal hypertension. Our initial focus is on improving outcomes for people with HRS-AKI by improving renal function. In doing this, we aim to prolong survival and allow more patients time to access liver transplantation, improve outcomes of those transplants and enable fewer patients to need combined liver and kidney transplants. Ocelot Bio has initiated its Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating OCE-205 in HRS-AKI. Learn More >

A relentless pursuit to change lives

To fulfill our patient-first mission, we have assembled a leadership team with proven expertise in therapeutic peptide drug formulation and deep experience driving scientific breakthroughs through clinical development, navigating the regulatory and commercial environment, and building exceptional companies. Brought together in Ocelot’s agile and efficient operating model, our team has a sharp focus on maximizing efficiency in clinical R&D and accelerating the delivery of innovative therapies to those in need.

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